Anise D. Wiley-Little

Profitable Diversity

Profitable Diversity

Can any organization afford to miss an opportunity?

Without doubt, this is the critical question every company must ask itself in order to secure the future and well-being of the organization—and its shareholders.

In Profitable Diversity, executive and former chief diversity officer Anise Wiley-Little examines the intersection of diversity and business, sharing her perspective on a business practice that is often ignored despite the tremendous impact it has. Wiley-Little provides an insightful look into diversity and inclusion from a personal, yet provocative, point of view—prompting us to give careful thought to how this often-missed opportunity drives results. She also offers detailed strategies to learn more about the complexities of our similarities and differences, and discusses why they should matter to our corporations and communities.

Drawing on her many years of corporate interactions with senior executives, Wiley-Little has dissected the fundamentals of understanding how diversity works through observation and analysis of issues such as race, gender, corporate social responsibility, career planning, and work life. Some of the topics covered extensively include:


Profitable Diversityis a remarkable look at diversity today as an essential component for understanding and securing the future of our rapidly-changing and evolving global society.

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