Anise D. Wiley-Little

Profitable Diversity


Chapter 2
Authentic Diversity

“Profitable Diversity” is a term I use to describe the focus of my own approach to diversity. It infuses diversity into how we approach the marketplace, appreciates how we tap into our customer base, and takes advantage of the changing demographics and technological advances that are upon us. Profits are important to every organization. We measure our success through them. On the other hand, shouldn’t we also be better at talking with those with whom we work, learning more about what motivates them, what drives them, and what keeps them coming back to our organizations each day? And, shouldn’t we want to know, considering our workforce represents the marketplace?


Chapter 7
The Value of Branding

Simply put, it may be morally right to promote diversity and inclusion as a corporate goal, but what really makes it a CEO-level priority are the business reasons behind it, and that is what has allowed successful diversity efforts to last for decades and not gradually fade away with changing leadership. Companies that succeed in building a strong diversity brand will also succeed in attracting the best talent and reaching the most markets.


The Final Chapter
Your Diversity Story

Does your organization have certain integrity, depth of commitment, independent thought, and burning passion to take making a difference seriously and supporting those who are different or those who dare to make a difference?

Bold individuals and organizations that take risks and are inclusive will far out survive those that accept the status quo or sit back and wait for things to change. They will allow innovation to occur and new ideas to flourish, enabling business to grow and thrive.